sweat gland

sweat gland
any of the glands in the skin that secrete perspiration (Freq. 1)
Syn: ↑sudoriferous gland
Hypernyms: ↑exocrine gland, ↑exocrine, ↑duct gland
Hyponyms: ↑apocrine gland, ↑eccrine gland
Part Holonyms: ↑skin, ↑tegument, ↑cutis

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: a simple tubular gland of the skin that secretes perspiration, that in man is widely distributed in nearly all parts of the skin, and that consists typically of an epithelial tube extending spirally from a minute pore which opens on the surface of the skin into the deeper layer of the dermis or into the subcutaneous tissues where it ends in a convoluted tuft

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one of the minute, coiled, tubular glands of the skin that secrete sweat.

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sweat gland noun
Any of the glands producing sweat
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Main Entry:sweat

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sweat gland UK US noun [countable] [singular sweat gland plural sweat glands]
an organ in your body that produces sweat
Thesaurus: sweating and sweathyponym glandshyponym

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sweat gland,
one of the many small, coiled glands that secrete sweat. Human sweat glands are found in the deeper layer of the skin of most of the body, connecting with the surface through a tube or duct that ends in a pore. »

Excretion in the skin is done by the sweat glands, of which there are about two million in man (A. Franklin Shull).

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n. a small gland that secretes sweat, situated in the dermis of the skin. Such glands are found over most of the body, and have a simple coiled tubular structure

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